A bid has been made Sunday for the position of Portage la Prairie MLA following news that current MLA Ian Wishart will not be running in the next election. Colin Robinson is presenting himself as, "A fresh Conservative voice."

He outlines how he grew up in Portage and his political background.

"I was born in Calgary and in 2007/2008, I had to watch my parents move out of that city as a result of that financial crisis," says Robinson. "The family moved to Portage la Prairie to seek a better life. Portage was soon called home."

He says the move provided him with many opportunities that he enjoyed with access to education, mentorship programs, and other programs that helped shape who he is today.

"Upon graduation, I went to the University of Manitoba to study politics and history," continues Robinson. "I then found myself in the Minister of Families office where I worked there for two years. I soon became the executive assistant to the Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage, then to the Minister of Natural Resources and Northern Development where I am now the Chief of Staff."

Robinson says this provided him with about five years of political and government experience.

"I want to use that to give back to the community of Portage la Prairie that shaped who I am today," notes Robinson. "My number one priority is rural crime. I don't think it's any secret that everyone has been seeing it rise all across the country. It's risen by 32 per cent under the federal government's catch-and-release policies. Clearly, those policies have not worked. And now we're seeing a material difference in our community. I've spoken to a lot of residents in Portage la Prairie, and they see it happening in their front yards. If I have the great honour to serve as MLA, the people of Portage will be getting a loud voice at the Manitoba Legislature advocating on their behalf."

Robinson says he can assure you that he will advocate for more boots on the ground and more physical presence of law enforcement on the streets to deter those with motivations to commit crime. 

"Affordability has been a big issue. A lot of people have less money in their pockets now as a result of soaring inflation. I will ensure that I advocate on their behalf to retain more of their money, and to ensure that government leaves more money in their pockets. Thirdly, healthcare. As someone with Type 1 diabetes, I was diagnosed at a young age. So, I've had my own personal experiences of dealing with the healthcare system. I want to ensure that people all across this great province, and folks in Portage la Prairie, have access to healthcare."

He explains the announcement for the new hospital in Portage is a historic investment that was made by former Premier Brian Pallister. Robinson says his government experience as Chief of Staff gives him the know-how to see large projects completed. 

"As someone who is currently working for the Minister of Natural Resources and Northern Development, we work with a lot of mines," adds Robinson. "There are a lot of permits and licensing that goes along with that. With the experience that I've acquired over the years, I think I'm the right person to, hopefully, one day serve as MLA to get the job done for people of Portage."

Robinson says that COVID also revealed several cracks in our society's foundation that he plans to address.  

"One thing I've been hearing, going door-to-door, is the mental health crisis that's happening," adds Robinson. "One of the things I would like to see is expanded hours at the RAAM (Rapid Access to Addictions Medicine) clinic to ensure those who are dealing with addictions get the treatment that they need."

Robinson thanks Ian Wishart for his 12 years of service as MLA for Portage la Prairie and wished him all the best on his retirement.

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