Austin's Co-op Ag site reopened last Friday, November 25th after being out of commission for a number of months.

The site has undergone some improvements, which forced it to be closed since July of this year. But now, Trent Schidlowsky, General Manager with Homestead Co-op, says they are ready to get back at it with their new volumetric fertilizer facility.

"Just the way our farmers are growing their businesses, this site offers us a better, faster capacity to serve our farmer members here and offer them a better service."

Schidlowsky says that the site is now officially open for business, and they will be moving their fall/winter fertilizer out to their producers soon.

File Photo.

He talks about the most significant change coming to this site.

"We've added storage capacity to this site. We've also added specialty products," continues the General Manager. "We've got an impregnation system that we've added that's new to this facility, again providing better services for our producers in this area."

Schidlowsky adds that through this new plant, they can offer 275 metric tonnes of fertilizer per hour, noting that Co-op is proud of this investment as it shows members how they are investing money back into communities.