Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Central is excited to bring the topic of mental health back to the forefront throughout Mental Health Week.

Regional manager Theresa Zacharias says the week is already underway, running from May 2-8. She notes that, especially over the past few years, many people have been struggling with their own mental health battles.

"There's been a lot of isolation, and it's a way of making people more aware that it's OK to have your own mental health journey," explains Zacharias. "It just creates awareness around it to people that don't know what types of resources are out there or available to them."

She notes they're very excited to get out and be active in the community and showcase that people who struggle with these battles aren't alone. She goes into detail on their plan to get Portagers to focus on mental health.

"We are going to be having a display set up at McCain's," notes Zacharias. "We're also spending part of a day there on Wednesday to answer some questions or if anybody wants more information, we'll be there at that time."

To learn more about CMHA and how to reach out, click here.