The city of Portage la Prairie purchased and installed two new community docks on Crescent Lake. It's part of their efforts to fulfil their strategic plan to continue to enhance recreation and greenspaces, and expand our active transportation opportunities across the city. The project is in cooperation with Homestead Co-op and Richardson Milling. 

Shannon Vaughan, Marketing and Communications Manager, Homestead Consumers Co-op Mayor Sharilyn Knox, Shannon Vaughan (Marketing and Communications Manager, Homestead Consumers Co-op), and City Manager Nathan Peto 

"The City is excited to partner with Homestead Co-op and Richardson Milling to increase community access to Crescent Lake. We thank our sponsors for their partnership and investment in our community," says Community Services Committee Chair Ryan Espey.

"We are thrilled to announce Homestead’s partnership with the City of Portage la Prairie in sponsoring a new community dock," adds Trent Schidlowsky, Homestead Co-op General Manager. "This initiative underscores our commitment to enhancing community life through recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. We look forward to seeing the dock in use this summer, providing a wonderful space for everyone to enjoy the beauty of our waterfront."

"Richardson is proud to be a strong community supporter, and being part of the dock project relates to our efforts to invest in and improve our community," notes Ian Currie, Plant Manager at Richardson Milling. "This project allows residents more convenient access to this great resource we have with Crescent Lake. It will be wonderful to see people getting out on the lake, and enjoying all that Portage la Prairie has to offer."

Co-op sponsored dock at east of Crescent Lake across from Crescentivew SchollCo-op sponsored dock at east of Crescent Lake across from Crescentview School

The docks were locally purchased from a local business and built in Portage la Prairie through PopDocks, who make environmentally-friendly dock systems using locally recycled material for floatation. Both docks will be located on the north side of Crescent Lake, one to the east and one to the west of the causeway. 

City Manager Nathan Peto says the new docks are situated with one across from Crescentview School on the lake on the north side. 

"Then we also have our other dock that's installed across from the intersection of 18th St. and the Crescent. We're really excited to partner with Homestead Co-op and Richardson Milling, who both supported two docks to be installed to allow greater access to the lake and better access to our green space that aligns with our strategic priorities. and also works with our strategic priority of adding more active transportation access to in our community." 

Peto adds it's great to involve a local company that manufactures the docks with the eco-friendly materials. 

"They both have a kayak/canoe launch so people can bring kayaks and canoes, and access the dock and access the lake from those locations. We have two docks that would be roughly on the north side of the lake. And then, of course, on the East and West on the opposite side of the causeway. Then we still have our original dock across from Stride Place and then later this season, we'll be putting in the dock closer to Island Park. This will be four docks to access the lake and have better use for active transportation for canoes and kayaks on our lake here."

Ian Currie, Richardson Milling Plant Manager.Mayor Sharilyn Knox, Richardson Milling Plant Manager Ian Currie, and City Manager Nathan Peto

He explains the community asked to bring these docks so people could have the greater greater access and it would not have been possible without the terrific support from their sponsors. 

Co-opThe dock sponsored by Homestead Co-op

"So, we're really excited to partner with Homestead and Richardson Milling and we thank them for their great investment in the community."

Dock on south side of lake west of causewayDock on south side of lake west of causeway