City Council held a special meeting on July 22nd where they awarded the tender for the continuation of the Saskatchewan Avenue West project.

Councillor Ryan Espey says this tender will be for the portion of the street that runs from Elm Street to Fourth Street West and notes that this project is something that's been talked about for decades. He adds the hope is that it changes the aesthetic of the area and brings the western portion of the city into modern times.

Espey mentions that they've been waiting to get started on this portion for a while now.

"It was scheduled to start in July, which is where we are now," explains Espey. "So you would see some construction happening there. This is all part of the major project, so you will see a continuance of that."

He adds they needed to hold a special meeting to approve this as it was initially supposed to be passed at the last regular council meeting. They delayed it since they had questions about being over budget, but Espey notes that it all boiled down to inflation.

"There are some design features that are a little bit different going out that way," says Espey. "We're talking about an upgrade of even what we see downtown."

This portion of the project was awarded to Maple Leaf Construction.