The City of Portage la Prairie has decided to delay the renewal of its agreement with the Portage Community Revitalization Corporation (PCRC).

The agreement is set to expire on December 31st, 2022. It would allow the non-profit organization to be supported by the city through financial contributions, bankroll services, and being willing to collaborate with the PCRC on areas of mutual concern.

Councillor Sharilyn Knox explains why they decided to defer this decision.

“We are currently in an election year and as of October 26, we will have a new Council and mayor around the table,” says Knox. “PCRC is a very important organization in our community that the city partners with and the contract or the agreement wasn't due until January of 2023, I feel it's important that the new Council gets the opportunity to listen to what part or to hear what PCRC does.“

As part of the agreement, the PCRC would have to continue providing community development work, continue the graffiti removal program, Provide support for the Indigenous Community Coordinator and Indigenous engagement activities of the City, and provide reports for the council, as well as the City Manager. Knox says, despite deferring this decision, she believes the PCRC is great for the community.

“The PCRC is a community builder,” notes Knox. “It's always important for our community to learn about what they do, but we're proud of them and happy that we partner with them.”

If the agreement with the PCRC is renewed, it would end on December 31st, 2025. The new council will vote on the renewal during their meeting on November 14th.