Now that this current iteration of Portage la Prairie's city council has been in office for a year, PortageOnline caught up with a councillor who's now one quarter through their first term.

Councillor Colin Doyle, who's also the Public Safety Committee Chair, says he's grown a lot in the past year, especially for someone who had never been involved in politics before now.

"There was a lot to learn, I don't think it's a position where you will ever stop learning as you go along," notes Doyle. "I feel a lot more comfortable. I feel more comfortable around the table, voting on decisions, budgeting, that sort of thing."

Some of his highlights from the past year include getting to meet the city staff, regional partners such as the Portage Regional Economic Development and the Landfill group, and members of the council for the Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie.

"I'm a parent who has a young family and I have chosen to make Portage my home," explains Doyle when asked about his decision to run for council. "I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon, so I just wanted to lend my hand to make Portage the best possible place it could be."

While Doyle recognizes that the city isn't without its faults, he hopes that the city continues to trend upward.

"There are a lot of exciting things happening in Portage," says Doyle. "I just want everyone to stay tuned because I think we are going to take this city to a level that no one has ever seen."

PortageOnline will be reaching out to Mayor Sharilyn Knox, as well as other members of council to see how they feel about year one at a later date.

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