Colder ice and hotter showers are on the way for the BDO Centre.

The Portage la Prairie City Council approved two repairs for the BDO Centre during November 14th’s meeting. Joe Masi, Chair of Finance, Legislative & Property Committee, says the arena is one of the city’s most iconic buildings.

“The BDO Centre provides additional ice time for hockey kids and to those who can’t get into Stride Place,” explains Masi. “It’s great to see that facility still there. We have some storage for vehicles so it’s an important building and it adds to our recreational assets in the community.”

The two repairs that will be made to the BDO Centre include a replacement for the main ice plant processor (worth $10,929.97) and re-building the shower in the referees’ changing room (worth $6,506.46).

“They reached out as we did our budget process,” notes Masi. “They have to let us know what kind of repairs they're looking at for the coming year. The really good thing here is that we have a reserve specifically for repairs to the BDO Center and the reserve has $50,000 in it. We’ll still have about $32,500 in that reserve for the future so it’s great to see.”

The BDO Centre, formerly the Centennial Arena, was founded in 1967 before a second rink was added in 1980.

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