Chris Kitchen will be joining the list of names on your ballot for October's municipal election.

Kitchen, who's the executive producer for the Prairie Drama Academy, says he wants to run for a seat on council so he can serve the city that's done so much for him. After moving to Portage from Winnipeg roughly 25 years ago, his goal is simple: to make Portage la Prairie a safer place to live.

"I want to ensure a legacy is left that will benefit my family, friends, neighbours, and community and provide for a strong, secure future," says Kitchen. "I want people to feel like they will have a voice in what happens with their city, particularly seniors and youth, both of whom I have closely worked with over the years."

While he admits to being new to politics, Kitchen says he's always been interested in public office. He also hopes to step out of his comfort zone and do something that he knows will make a positive difference in the community.

He describes himself to those who aren't familiar with him.

"I'm gracious, I'm outgoing," says Kitchen. "I'm not afraid to question and step in, but at the same time, I do take the time to step back and reflect and watch what's going on around me."

The municipal election will take place on October 26th.