As we all get settled into a "sense of normalcy" from those unbearable "unprecedented times," community groups are finally getting the chance to do things like it's 2019 again.

On Tuesday, the Portage and District Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club got a taste of that normalcy for the first time in almost three years.

Cindy McDonald, executive director for the Portage and District Chamber of Commerce, spoke about the event.

"The Chamber and the Rotary Club got together to hold a joint meeting which we try to do every year. We haven't done that since 2019 just because of the pandemic. So, this was our first one in a couple of years, but it's a great opportunity for both of our organizations to get together and for our members and their members to network. They just bring in a speaker that is a common interest for both organizations, and that's what we did today." 

McDonald notes there was no virtual component to these annual meetings, meaning they just haven't been taking place since before the pandemic. 
She says that it's very exciting to be getting back into the swing of things. 

"That's a huge part of what we offer our members is the networking opportunity, and not being able to do that for the last couple of years has been difficult. So, we're really excited to be able to bring back our luncheons and everything that we do for our members. I am very optimistic and looking forward to the rest of 2022." 

McDonald says in the near future, the chamber is looking forward to their next luncheon, which will be the State of the City/RM. 

"We do that annually, and we did that via Zoom for the last couple of years during the pandemic, but now we are going to be in person June 16th at Stride Place. That is our next event."