Portage's biggest soccer team has started their season on a promising note. The Central Plains FC is undefeated through two games picking up a 1-1 tie and a 1-0 victory. Head coach Brett Hannah says the team looks quite a bit different than it did last season.

"We have a lot of additions to the team. Last year, we had a lot of trouble getting players to show up, so we could have guys to sub in and out. We had tryouts and brought in some veterans and some youth, like 18 and 19-year-olds," Hannah explains. "Everybody seems enthusiastic to play this year. We've started off on a good note so far."

Brandon Wier and Braden Nicoll are the two players to find the back of the net through two contests. While the longer-tenured players have started off the scoring, Hannah says the team chemistry is building quite well between the longtime players and rookies.

"I think having a full-time coach is helping everyone build chemistry and helping everyone understand where to be on the field," Hannah continues. "It's a little bit more fluid out there. We have a great bunch of guys, and everyone is playing well."

Hannah is in his first season as the leader of the squad, having played on the team for several years. He says this is the first time the Central Plains FC will have a coach, who is not also a player, in quite some time.

"I like it. After watching soccer and admiring managers of the pro teams, I wanted to try it," says Hannah. "Now that I'm a little bit too out of shape to play, it's a nice way to stay in the sport. It's a plus to be able to coach and have the know-how of positioning and things along those lines."

Central Plains has five road games in June and will begin playing home games in the coming months.