Abby Jones of Carberry is doing fantastic work supporting Manitoba FireFighters and their Burn Fund.

Jones, who originally made a concept shirt for her brother, a firefighter himself, decided that she could and would put her fashion abilities to work by mass producing shirts, hoodies and crewnecks to contribute money to the Manitoba Firefighters Burn Fund.

"The Burn Fund is a volunteer organization that raises funds for burn victims. They also raise funds to continue research. They do seminars and camps and it is just a volunteer organization that raises money for a good cause," says Jones.

Jones shares that 50 per cent of all profits go to the burn fund and 50 per cent go to covering costs.

Pricing for her clothing reads as follows:

  • T-shirts - $25
  • Long sleeve shirt - $30
  • Crewneck sweater - $35
  • Hoodie - $40

Jones notes that last Thursday was her first day of sales, and she had already received 25 orders.

To reach Jones about information regarding this clothing, check out her Facebook page or call her at 204-841-4028.