CAA Manitoba wrapped up their 2022 Worst Roads campaign and more than 3,000 votes were cast.

Heather Mack, Manager, Government and Community Relations, says for the first time in the campaign’s history, a rural road finished first. Provincial Road 207, which connects Seven Sisters Falls through the Whiteshell Provincial Park, received the most votes.

“It was a good campaign and it really showed a trend that we’ve been seeing over the last couple of years, seeing more rural roads and fewer City of Winnipeg roads,” says Mack. “That’s of interest to us, and it’s something that we are raising with the province, to say that we want to see more investment outside of the city as well, because we’re hearing that more and more from Manitobans.”

Meanwhile, Lorne Avenue West finished first among Portage roads, due to “potholes and dips in the road that cause shocks to ‘take a beating’” according to some voters. 

“Well, having spent the last couple of weeks in Portage with my family, I was really surprised that Tupper (Street) didn’t make the list for Portage,” says Mack. “It was definitely a very interesting campaign with 417 total roads that were nominated across the province, so that’s a lot of roads that people think are the worst.”

Here is the rest of the list:
1. Provincial Road 307
2. Saskatchewan Avenue, Winnipeg
3. Waller Avenue, Winnipeg
4. Provincial Trunk Highway 34, Pilot Mound/ Crystal City
5. 18th Street, Brandon
6. Provincial Trunk Highway 44, Lockport to Whiteshell
7. Leila Avenue, Winnipeg
8. Kenaston Boulevard, Winnipeg
9. Dawson Road North, Winnipeg
10. Goulet Street, Winnipeg

Southern Manitoba's Worst Roads are:
1. Provincial Road 307
2. Provincial Trunk Highway 34
3. 18th Street, Brandon
4. Provincial Trunk Highway 44
5. Provincial Road 250
6. Main Street, Selkirk
7. Trans Canada Highway, Brandon
8. Provincial Trunk Highway 23, Morris
9. Provincial Trunk Highway 12
10. Provincial Road 450