Burger Days are back in Portage la Prairie, and we'll see restaurants from all over the city compete to try to take this year's title of best burger!

Portage Regional Economic Development (PRED) executive director Eve O'Leary says the community was so pumped after last year's rendition of Burger Days, which saw Mole Guacamole take first place with their Mole Guacamole Burger. Now they're back and excited to see what everyone's bringing to the plate.

Eve O'Leary

She adds the businesses taking part are even more excited for this year's Burger Days, due in part to the fact that you'll be able to eat in most, if not all, the restaurants in the competition, a piece that was missing last year. She mentions there are a lot of different types of burgers, ranging from standard beef, chicken, and even an ice cream "burger."

She explains how you can get involved and possibly win a prize.

"Upload a picture of you, your friends, and your family eating the amazing burger and just put in the hashtag PLPBurgerDays," notes O'Leary. "That will allow us to pick the winner for each day."

To learn more about the restaurants partaking in Burger Days and to see what's on each burger, click here.


"Last year we sold over 7,500 burgers," explains O'Leary. "That led to over $100,000 of revenue injected into the businesses at a time where they didn't see that revenue. It was really exciting to hear some of them this year because they said the amount of exposure that they got for their restaurants was just phenomenal."