You don't know until you get there. Portage Resident Zak Mcdermot-Fouts is talking about fear, and whether it will be present for the 19 year old Bombardier with the One Royal Canadian Horse Artillery will remain unknown until his task force deploys in January of 2008. Despite the variables, Mcdermot-Fouts says his training has been second to none, and every time he hears of successes overseas his confidence is boosted. He notes the experience will give him a renewed appreciation for his own country and how fortunate we are.
Mcdermott-Fouts stresses the importance of educating troops before deployment. He says it gives them a base to work from, and a goal to work toward. Mcdermot-Fouts feels being aware of what you're doing and why you're doing it is an important part of service, and allows soldiers to take pride in their work. He notes his experience in Afghanistan will open a lot of doors for his future and he intends to pursue a career with the RCMP. Mcdermot-Fouts will be joined in Afghanistan by his brother Andrew, an NCO with the PPCLI.