Manitoba Chicken Producers chair Jake Wiebe is responding following the news Wednesday that avian influenza (H5N1) has been confirmed in two different wild bird samples in Manitoba.

"So we know it's in the wild birds in the province. We know that the vector to carry it into our chicken flocks would be carrying it in with tires or boots and so that's where our vigilance is. We're continuing to do what we have been doing, which is biosecurity, making sure that we're not carrying it in. Some of the common, outdoor things, making sure feed spills are cleaned up so that we don't attract the wild birds to our facilities and bring the droppings closer to our barns."

To date, no cases of avian influenza have been detected in poultry flocks in Manitoba.

"Any infected flocks, we'll notice the condition in the barn, the birds will get sick, there's respiratory issues. At that point, there would be a decision made to put down the flock and to contain the clean-up. It's not a food safety issue, it's an issue for the producer in trying to make sure that we can continue to supply safe, nutritious chicken to the consumer."