We're going to see a lot of activity along Saskatchewan Avenue in Portage la Prairie over the next week-and-a-half, as crews move the construction slightly south.

Portage and District Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Stefanie Dunn says drivers will get a good idea what the final project will look like.

"We are going to see the construction finish for the most part in terms of concrete, paving and roadway general construction on the westbound lanes," says Dunn. "We are going to start the shift into the eastbound lane, so, obviously a huge transition, but I think it's a really important turning point."

Dunn knows the construction has been contentious and challenging for some businesses and drivers, but she thinks this will be positive overall. She is excited for visitors to have a great first impression of the city. She calls it a refreshing change.

"I think it's really imperative that people remember throughout these challenges, the end product of all of this is that we are trying to reinvest in Portage," says Dunn. "We're trying to reinvigorate, and we are trying to help out all those businesses so that the exterior and the drive-up to their business matches the quality of service that they offer inside."


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