Turtle Mountain Bible Camp (TMBC) is located between Boissevain and Deloraine, south of Highway #3 and the summer camping season is underway but TMBC could use more workers. 

This year the camp expected to play host to more than 450 youth and adults. Team training kicked off July 2nd and Co-director Chelsie Zylstra says things looks pretty good for the summer months. “We had 30 to 40 people at our training program and most of those were cabin leaders and we’re really excited how many people came out for this. We haven’t had a training session this big for many years.” 

Camp officials have put out a call for more workers as they are lacking in some areas. 

“We need cook helpers. We have lots of head cooks, but we need people to help them. We’re very short with male cabin leaders. There are weeks where we need six to eight leaders and if we don’t find more people we will have to make other plans for these campers. 

Specific groups of workers spend most of the summer helping but people willing to fill the staffing voids can work as many hours as they can fit into their schedule. 

Chelsie Zylstra says they have 470 campers registered and a lot of their summer weeklong camps have filled up. 

“Anyone interested in helping can simply get in touch with us at the camp,” said Zylstra.