Beautification Days is wrapping up this week and there were some novel plans some Portagers made to help clean up our city. 

Portage Community Revitalization Corporation community engagement coordinator Tara Brugger says this year's edition went over quite well.

"We had over 1,000 people registered, so that includes some classes, some groups, some workplaces, as well as just some individuals," says Brugger. "A whole variety of areas in Portage, people went to tidy up and beautify our city."

She explains the process involved a registration of those who wanted to be involved, and they submit before and after photos to have their names put into a draw for a prize.

"One person, for example, every time she went out and walked her dog, she would walk a different route and pick up every single day, which I think is just amazing," continues Brugger. 

Brugger adds she thanks all who took part and notes it really makes such a difference in our community.