The Portage la Prairie Bear Clan is asking for the community's assistance in cleaning up sharp objects around town. 

Co-Chair of the Indigenous Women's Council Katt Rossiter says the Portage Bear Clan has a designated "needle team" that deals with needles, glass, and other dangerous objects laying in the open. She outlines how you can get in contact with them.

"We prefer that they take a picture of it and report it to us on our Facebook page and title the message 'needle team,'" Rossiter explains. "They can add the information into the body of the message."

Rossiter says every member of their needle team is supplied with needle-nosed pliers, a container for the sharp objects, turtleskin gloves, along with a first aid kit. While they are always happy to help, Rossiter notes they are not on call 24/7 so if you don't hear back from them within an hour, she outlines how you can dispose of these items safely.

"You need a pop bottle or an empty water bottle. You pop off the cap, grab some pliers or a stick or anything you can to not touch that needle," Rossiter continues. "Pick it up, put it inside the bottle with the cap back on and let us know where it is. We will retrieve it."

She adds the needle team is a group every bear clan has.

"This is a part of our mandate. We are not the first bear clan, Winnipeg is. They are the parent bear clan organization and they train all the other bear clans on how to proceed and who to contact. So, this is a service we've provided since we began."

To get in contact with the Portage Bear Clan click here.