A beading workshop is taking place courtesy of Portage Community Revitalization Corporation in cooperation with the Bear Clan this evening (Thursday). Indigenous Community Coordinator Assistant Jacinda Houle says it's called the Tanke Beading Night.  

"It is open for all women and two-spirit folk," says Houle. "I'm partnering with the Noozhek Coordinator for Portage Bear Clan Justine Richardson. We've been working on this for maybe a week or two, and then we put out a poster and shared it to both of our social media sites. We're hoping to see a good turnout. It's from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. I just like the idea of having a space to bead, visit, talk about, and raise awareness for missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit folk."

Houle says the project they're starting off with is beading little strawberries.

"We also want them to feel free to bead in their own project that they may be working on just to come and sit, bead, and chat."

She notes she's looking forward to the time together, adding it's a great opportunity and it's free. 

"We're giving out taxi vouchers and we're going to have refreshments available," notes Houle. "We're doing it for the first night on the 9th, and then we'll just plan when the next one will be, and go from there. We haven't had a set date for the next one."