Portage Regional Economic Development---better known as "PRED"---has another initiative up and running to help local entrepreneurs. Executive Director Douglas Barill says their office often ends up being a kind of hive for many entrepreneurs to come and go as they can with various levels of assistance from the PRED staff. Barill notes they realized that they should build a permanent "co-work" space for folks who are starting up a new business or who need some help, adding it would also afford people the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs. He says the kind of help available at PRED can include anything from market research to data analysis to business plan assistance.

Barill notes PRED sets the entrepreneur up for success, and a space for these kinds of start-ups seemed like a good idea. He adds they now have one big table with free wireless, free printing, and free coffee. Barill says it gives these start-ups a formal place to meet with clients or to produce work. He notes this is absolutely paramount to someone who's starting his or her own company, adding most entrepreneurs begin by working out of their homes. Barill says when you're able to meet with potential clients and potential partners in a professional setting there at PRED, that can be a game changer in this economy.