For the second straight year, Highway 34 from the U.S. border going toward Gladstone is in the top five of CAA Manitoba's Worst Roads campaign.

Manager of Government and Community Relations, Ewald Friesen, notes it was #4 last year and is now #3.

"That one's been made a bit of a jump this year, primarily due to poor road maintenance and the ongoing problems that we face here in Manitoba, which is the freeze and thaw cycle, which really wreak havoc," says Friesen. "In addition to that, there was an issue of poor signage."

bridgethis bridge between Holland and Austin has been in rough shape for years - in one spot you can look down and see the river below

This year, they also handed out 'awards' for the worst roads in a particular region.

"No drum roll, please," jokes Friesen. "For Portage la Prairie, we have Provincial Road 240, Lorne Avenue East, and Tupper Street North."

Friesen says the campaign measures five distinct things from traffic congestion, potholes, the timing of traffic lights, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, and poor signage or markings. He adds, the contest is not designed to shame and blame politicians, engineers, and the hard-working people in the civil service. He says the contest empowers Manitobans to have their voices heard. 

For the first time in the 12-year history of the campaign, rural roads finished in the top three. Provincial Road 307 in Whiteshell Provincial Park took the number one spot while 18th Street in Brandon finished in second.