Cattle farmers in the central plains had it rough last year with the drought, but it looks like they're running into different, although still tough, problems in 2022.

Theresa Zuk says once it eventually warms up, they'll be looking at greener grass compared to last year. The ridiculous amounts of precipitation we've been seeing, however, have led to too much water and not enough absorption into the ground.

"I'm looking across the way and one of the fields is a complete lake," notes Zuk. "So, we're definitely behind on the crop and seeding side."

She adds that everything she does with seeding and crops goes back to the cattle, so the heavy rain and snow we've received could lead to the cattle being malnourished. She says it's impossible to tell where they can go from here.

"Anything we've planned to do has gone out the door," mentions Zuk. "We're just focusing on getting things done as they need to get done."

She notes she would like to see more done to show support for the farmers that are struggling this year, as it's been just as rough for her as it was last year so far.