Outdoor beach volleyball has returned to Portage la Prairie for the summer months, as teams will try to spike the competition.

The first games of the year took place on June 4, and the season will wrap up on July 23, followed by four weeks of playoffs. Brett Foley, one of the organizers, says they keep bringing the league back so Portagers can have a way to get outside and stay active throughout the summer.

"We're just getting started for the year, but super excited," notes Foley. "We have more teams this year, which is nice to see, and it looks like everybody's having fun."


Games are played at the Rotary Republic of Manitobah Park as ten teams will duke it out to see who can grab volleyball glory. While the teams are trying to win, they aren't focused too much on the result, as opposed to just meeting new people and, for some, trying out a new sport.

"It's something we love to do, and there wasn't anything else going on like it in the summer, so we decided to put it together."

More information can be found about the Beach Volleyball League on their Facebook page.