The North Norfolk and District Ag Society $1000 Scholarship is being announced for a graduate involved with volunteerism in MacGregor.

President Jim Klywak explains the Society made the decision to give back to the community in this way.

"The community has supported us very well for many years, and it's time that we show a more responsible way of giving back as the Society. So, it was decided to come up with $1000 scholarship for a graduate this year. We are aiming at a person who is high in volunteer work -- mainly a person who has engaged in helping in activities at school and in the community and, hopefully, a person that might come back to the community."

He notes any graduate who is going to university, community college, or trade is a candidate.

"This is a first for us this year. The Bull Bash in MacGregor that we've been putting on for two years previous, and again will be happening on June 3rd this year, does bring us a decent amount of money. We are a partner in the Bull Bash and we're getting extra monies out of that sort of thing. We're applying a lot of. That money to the scholarship starting off this year and have put money aside for the next three years."

You can go directly to their website and apply or go to MacGregor Collegiate. 

"We have a grading system. We're grading somewhat on marks but, obviously, if you pass high school, that's the person we're looking for, as long as you have done a lot of volunteer work in the community and at school."

He says they're all pleased with the effort and two $500 cheques will be presented to the recipient. 

"Graduation is in June and the MacGregor fair is at the end of June. So, on June 24th, the Saturday, we will be presenting this cheque at the MacGregor Fair. That cheque will be $500. The other $500 will be given once they confirm that they've gone right straight into the second term or second year of apprenticeship,  or thereabouts."

He notes the suggestion was an easy sell for their membership at the board level.  

MacGregor FairMacGregor Fair this year will see the scholarship presented on the 24th