While the first six days of August saw absolutely no rain recorded at the Environment and Climate Change Canada weather station at Southport, the following six days were a different story.

August 7th saw 11.8 millimetres of rain, with 3 more on the 8th, 11 on the 10th, 3.2 on the 11th and 0.2 on the 12th. The 9th was a dry day, as were most days to end the month. In fact, there were 0.2 millimetres recorded on the 16th, 21st, and 23rd, while the 31st saw only 0.1 millimetres.

Altogether, 29.9 millimetres were recorded at the station over the 31 days. This is 43.8 per cent of the usual amount for August, according to the 1981-2010 Canadian Climate Normals. Over that span, we would typically see 68.3mm in that month.

Recently, we have seen more than that. The same station recorded 74.2 for August 2022 and 78.1 for August 2021, while 45.6 was recorded in 2020.


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