After a long break, the MacGregor Fall Family Fun Day is back!

It's really a two-day event this year as there are many events planned for Sunday as well. MacGregor Chamber of Commerce President, Russell Doerksen, says the event is necessary in the community.

"I think it's extraordinarily important, especially after these last couple years, where we couldn't get out and do things together," says Doerksen. "Coming together as a community, and sharing this time, it builds bridges that just haven't been there for the last bit."

The Fall Family Fun Day starts off today with a pancake breakfast on Saturday and ends with a fireworks show around 9 p.m. When asked what his favourite part of the day will be, Doerksen was quick to answer.

"I think the dunk tank is going to be my personal favorite thing, but I will say, that I am being a bit biased because I get to sit on the thing from 4:30 to 5:00 if anyone has a grudge against me," says Doerksen. "Apart from that, beach volleyball, there's going to be a scavenger hunt that takes you all across town that has prizes attached to it, and then there's a lot of children's events as well."

The events go down at Stride Centre all day. 

A poster with all of the events for the day.