The community of MacGregor will have to wait until spring to celebrate the 50th year of the arena being open. 

Karla Gurke, facility manager and Recreation Director at the Municipality of North Norfolk, says that the events that they had planned are going to be pushed until the spring to be celebrated. The original plan was to have a roast beef supper on Friday and a fun day of activities on Saturday. Gurke explains that the decision to change the date was hard, but it needed to be done. 

"With this beautiful weather we're having currently, there are not enough people interested, and the farmers are still out in the fields, and we thought, you know what? This would be a great opportunity to change the date." 

She also mentions that everyone who had already paid for the supper and other activities should have received a full refund. The Recreation Director concludes by saying they have many ideas for the next celebration. 

"A huge thank you to the people who did show interest, and we'll see you all in the spring."