The 4-H Clubs around the province have finally been able to get out on highways around Manitoba to clean highways that were littered with, well, litter.

Melissa Murray, head leader for the club, says on May 28th, her group walked roughly 10 kilometres on Highway 227, cleaning up as they went. The ten members, ages 6-16, were all able to pitch in and keep the highway in clean driving condition.

"I think it teaches the little ones really good community service," notes Murray. "Hopefully, when they're older and driving along the highway, they don't take that water bottle and chuck it out the window."

She notes, that in previous years, due to COVID-19, 4-H was unable to get the groups together for the highway clean-up, so this is the first time since 2019 that they've been able to get the trash off the roads.

"In the past, Homestead Co-op has asked us to stick around and clean their parking lot," explains Murray when asked about other community service acts 4-H does. "Since COVID, however, we haven't been doing that."

She hopes that 4-H will get to continue to be active in the province going forward, as it's great for the kids and everyone in the community.