While parts of the province were dealing with a Colorado Low, that brought plenty of snow and wind, one local weather observer will be watching what happens in Portage la Prairie.

After ten months, the City of Possibilities is on pace to have the wettest year since the year 2000. Between January 1st and October 31st, Henry Romance recorded 706 millimetres this year. That 10-month amount is the most since 2000 when he counted 651. 

In order to have the wettest year, we would need to hit 763.1mm, which is what was counted throughout 2000. Romance says he would like to see it.

"Oh, yes, I'm pretty eager. I'm prepared already, basically, as far as winter goes. I'm prepared. Whatever comes, it comes, can't do anything about it," says Romance. "If we are to break the record? Sure, I'd like to see the record broken here."

While we may only need 57.1mm to break the record, there's no guarantee we'll see that. Romance says November and December are not always snowy months, according to recent history.

"We had a good amount of precipitation in November of last year where there were 31 millimetres and December had 17 millimetres," says Romance. "But, if you go to the year 2020, in November, we only had 5 millimetres."

Sticking with the year-to-date theme, here are the top-4 and bottom-4 years since 2000:

MOST PRECIPITATION COUNTED (between January 1st and October 31st):
2022 - (706mm)
2000 - (651mm)
2016 - (647mm)
2010 - (635mm)

LEAST PRECIPITATION COUNTED (between January 1st and October 31st):
2017 - (359mm)
2007 - (337mm)
2020 - (343mm)
2021 - (340mm)