The Portage Golf Club's Men's Open kicks off today. Portager, and last year's runner-up, Kenny Keeler says he always gets excited about this event. He says it feels like as close to a home game as you can get in the sport of golf.

"There's a lot of guys playing and a lot of people that come from out of town every year to play in it, including some guys that I play with. So, it's almost like a reunion," Keeler explains. "This is one that I've wanted to win for a while but it hasn't worked out just yet. It's always nice playing at the home course, as there's a comfort level there."

Keeler had the lead near the end of last year's tournament but lost it on the 18th hole. He and Don Jackson ultimately went into a playoff round where Jackson made a birdie on the first hole to seal the deal.

The local says it's tough to come in second so many times and notes he's really hoping this can be the year he gets over the hump.

"I don't know if the mentality would be, 'A chip on my shoulder,' but I'd like to win this tournament at some point because I've had a few runner-up finishes," Keeler continues. "It stings a little bit after finishing second several times."

While he is determined to pick up the victory, Keeler notes he's mainly just looking forward to a fun weekend.

"It's good to get together with buddies again and see everyone that I only see once or twice a year. It should be a fun weekend. The weather looks good, so hopefully, that holds up."

The Portage Men's Open begins today, with the winner being crowned tomorrow.